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Unleash your potential with our top-tier PR, communications and business development services.

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We are a specialised PR, communications and business development consultancy dedicated to servicing the creative production industry. With our expertise and competitive edge, we deliver exceptional results for our clients.

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We offer a wide range of PR, communications and business development services, tailored to the needs of the creative production industry. From strategic planning to media relations, we have you covered.

Strategic Planning
Media Relations

With our expertise we can work with you to develop and execute effective strategies to enhance your brand presence and engage with your target audience.

We Are Plugged In have been invaluable over the past two years. They brought structure and direction to our plans for growth and how we positioned ourselves in the market. They have really set us up on a solid trajectory.

Anissa Payne, MD/EP - UK client


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Frida Nilsson, COO - UK client

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We Are Plugged In have allowed us to organise our marketing processes and set up our UK team. Their eye for detail has helped us implement changes to production policies that have made our organisation more efficient.

Patricia Lino, MP/EP - Portugal client

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Clients based in UK, Spain and Portugal